Hard Drives

laptop hard drive

Is your hard drive making clicking noises or not working at all? Are you running out of space on your old hard drive?  We can replace your hard drive with a new faster and larger capacity drive. We carry 2.5” IDE, SATA, 1.8” Micro, and 3.5 desktop hard drives. They range in speeds of 4200 / 5400 / 7200 RPM. Our new drives are available in sizes from 80 gig to 320 gig. All new hard drives come standard with a 1 year replacement warranty.

We will remove your old drive, install the new hard drive and re-install Windows with all the latest drivers and updates. We can even attempt to retrieve/save any data (music, photos, and documents) and transfer it to the new hard drive. We also offer a free anti-virus and spyware program at your request.

Want to save a little money? We carry a large selection of used hard drives which are fully tested and guaranteed for 1 month. You can get a used drive for about ½ the price of a new one.


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