Power Port / DC Jack Replacement

Power Jack

Is the power jack on the back of your laptop loose? Does your battery no longer hold a charge? Will your laptop just shut off by-itself? There is a good chance that your internal power jack is loose or broken and no longer makes contact with the motherboard.

This is a common problem, and the manufacturer will advise you to replace the entire motherboard at a cost of $500 - $800. We have a better and less expensive solution. We can actually replace just the jack itself, and reinforce the connection to avoid further issues.

This labor intensive process involves the complete disassembly of the notebook, re-soldering a new jack to the motherboard, reinforcement of the connection and reassembly of the computer. A full 90 day warranty is included for this repair.

This repair normally takes 2-5 business days, but we offer expedited service for an additional fee. We include free outgoing ground shipping for laptops sent to us for this repair.


$149 Internet Special (most models)

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